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PowerPac 21 PCS Bullet Blender PPBL321

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This PowerPac Bullet Blender PPBL321 is designed to work as a Blender and Grinder / Mincer.

As a Blender, the PPBL321 with the attached Blender Blade Assembly and Blender Jugblends together liquids, fresh ingredients, frozen fruits, yoghurt and ice-cream. A Smart Cup is also provided to be used as a substitute to the much larger Blender Jug when only a small amount of blended food/drink is required. It makes cleaning up much faster and easier.

As a Grinder, the PPBL321 with the attached Grinder Blade Assembly and Grinder Cup grinds dry / hard foodstuffs: spices, coffee beans, seeds, almonds, etc., that a regular blender cannot.

As a Mincer, the PPBL321 with the attached Grinder Blade Assembly and Grinder Cup minces meat, garlic, ginger, onions, chillies, etc.

Pressing down on the Blender Jug, Smart Cup or Grinder Cup operates the Motor. Releasing them stops the Motor.

Cleaning is simple and easy: Pressing down on the Blender Jug for around 1 minute with the Blender Jug filled with some warm, tap water removes residues quickly.

The PowerPac Bullet Blender PPBL321 is a wonderfully useful device. It remains an energy efficient, safe and easy-to-use kitchen appliance which will make blending and grinding / mincing safe and convenient for everyone in the family.

  • Strong power motor with 2 speeds
  •  Multi-functions included blending, grinding, juicing, ice crushing, mixing, chopping, cutting, mincing and more
  •  Included blender mugs with travel lid for easy of carrying
  •  Juice extractor producing healthy fruit and vegetable juice quickly
  •  Meat mincer comes with sharp, durable, stainless steel dual blade.
  •  Power Consumption : 380W 220~240v, 50/60Hz
  •  Safety Mark 170163-12
  • Packaging size 280x280x275mm


    Model : PPBL321

    Capacity : 1.0 Litre

    Voltage range : 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

    Maximum Power : 380 W


    Blender Jug

    1. Screw the Blender Blade assembly anti-clockwise onto the bottom of the Blender Jug.
    2. Add sufficient liquids/food items into the Jug.
    3. Attach the Lid & Plug onto the Jug.

    Smart Cup / Grinder Cup

    1. Place food ingredients into the Cup.
    2. Screw the Blender/Grinder Blade assembly clockwise into the Smart/Grinder Cup, respectively.
    3. Invert the Cup.


    1. Screw the Blender Jug/Smart Cup/Grinder Cup to the Motor unit clockwise.
    2. Plug power cable. Switch ON.
    3. Press down the Jug/Cup to blend/grind.
    4. DO NOT operate appliance for more than 1 minute (Blending) or 30 seconds (Grinding). Rest for 5 minutes (Blending) or 2 minutes (Grinding). Repeat 2X.
    5. Cool down for 15 minutes before starting Steps 5-6 again. Switch the appliance OFF while waiting for appliance to cool.
    6. On completion, wait for the blades to stop turning. Switch OFF. Unplug power cable.
    7. Unscrew the Blender Jug/Smart Cup/Grinder Cup anti-clockwise from the Motor unit and detach.
    8. Jug: Remove the Lid and pour the contents out.
    9. Cup: Invert the Cup. Unscrew the Blade assembly anti-clockwise and detach.


    1. Switch OFF. Unplug power cable.
    2. Make sure the blades have stopped running.
    3. Clean the Motor unit with a damp cloth.
    4. Wash & dry the Plug, Lid, Filter, Blender Jug, Blade assemblies, Cups, and utensils with water & detergent with a non-abrasive sponge before and after use.

    Caution:Blades are sharp!

    1. Dry the Motor unit & accessories. Reassemble the Blender Blade assembly into the Blender Jug and re-attach the Blender Jug onto the Motor unit. Store away from direct sunlight.

    Auto Clean

    1. Fill the Blender Jug with warm water.
    2. Press the Blender Jug down for several seconds to clean the Blender Jug/Blender Blade assembly very quickly and safely.

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